A Brutalist building collapses as liquid multi-coloured circuits flow across multiple screens; and the windows show celebrities smiling; guns firing; memes flashing; logos shining, heads rolling; anger in the faces of the rioters, beautiful paintings, burqas and balaclavas, eastern eyes, corporate suits, glowing brands.
Through an hybridization of Science Fiction, international underground culture and post-apocalyptic scenarios, where remains of the past that haunted history are finally redeemed, my work presents a world dominated by fear at the verge of collapse: in a perpetual stasis of endless repetition –but like a living cancer unable to stop during a moment of increasingly accelerated autophagy– the urban landscape (society, culture, information, politics) starts to liquefy and melt at the edges, setting time in motion once again.
Modernity’s fragmentation of nature and culture dissolves into a discontinuum of toxic gunk, and the only activity left is scavenging for remains of sense, in hopes to complete the transmutation of dystopia into utopia.

Derzu Campos
London, 2016