.2011_ / HD video Another Theory of the Origin of the Universe / colour / sound / 11:17 min
‘In a primordial emptiness two entities (feminine and masculine) appear and meet, encouraging an exchange of energies and connections which leads them to transform and destroy each other; but also, to create a new entity that gives the first breath of life in the universe.’

A film by Derzu Campos
Cast: Carolina Vidal, Edgardo G., Andrés Avila
Cinematography: Alberto Ulloa
Producers: Montserrat Pérez Bonfil, Carlos ‘Búho’ Tamés
Art Department: Taina Campos, Perla Castañón
Editing: Derzu Campos
Sound: David Naranjo, Ignacio Bazán Estrada
Original Music: Iván Velázquez de León
A.D: Pablo Delgado
Key Grip & Electric: Benito Aguila

Special thanks to Cacao Services, Alberto Muelmann, Solveig Dahm, Revolution 435 D&C, Fernando Hernández and David Bahena.

Made with the support of Cinecontraste